Clover 3.0.406 beta released!

From early December 2012, I began the development of 3.0. Because the theme feature and middle-click to open new tab was more complex, So Clover 3.0 used nearly four months to develop.

During this time many users write to ask about the progress of the development. Finally I can release it now.

Thanks for your waiting, I can also breathe a sigh of relief :)

Hope you will continue to support the Clover, help me to share Clover in blog, twitter, facebook...

v3.0.406 update (2014-01-26) · Improved: Speed up new tab creating
· Improved: Better color for UI elements and Tab strip in case of high contrast and black themes
· Fixed: In Windows 8.1, IME candidate box not shown
· Fixed: In Windows 8.1, preview windows not shown
· Fixed: In Windows 8, sometimes Ribbon bar not shown
· Fixed: Few other bugs fixed...

v3.0.386 update (2013-08-12)

· New: Setting for mouse wheel to switch tabs
· Improved: The shortcut in bookmark bar can support parameters now
· Fixed: Right Ctrl + L can jump to address bar now
· Fixed: Windows 8 Ribbon bar lost
· Fixed: Explorer crashed at Clover exit
· Fixed: Double click can close inactivate tab now
· Fixed: Few other bugs fixed...

v3.0.365 update (2013-07-02)

· New: Aero peek feature (Need to add parameters to shortcut: --enable-aero-peek-tabs)
· New: Add Ctrl+L to set focus to address bar
· New: Install Clover to last installed directory
· New: Only show shorten path in jump list
· Improved: Speed up new tab creating
· Improved: Speed up response to newwork folders
· Fixed: Double click does not work
· Fixed: Explorer crashed at Clover exit
· Fixed: Few other bugs fixed...

v3.0.325 update (2013-05-14)

· New: Reopen last opened tabs
· New: Restore last opened tabs if Clover crashed
· New: Import/Export bookmarks
· Improved: Show more faster
· Improved: Reload tab if Explorer crashed
· Improved: Ctrl+Middle click to open bookmark in background
· Improved: Mouse wheel to switch tab only on tabstrip
· Fixed: CPU 100% bug
· Fixed: Three click on white space will go up two level
· Fixed: Many other bugs fixed...

download link 1 , download link 2

How to get themes?

Clover support Google Chrome Themes, so you can download it from Themes Gallery of Chrome Web Store. Find a beautiful theme and download it by Chrome Extension Downloader:

Or you can get it from some other theme sites, like:

Or create a theme yourself.