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  • Clover 3.0.406 beta released!

    From early December 2012, I began the development of 3.0. Because the theme feature and middle-click to open new tab was more complex, So Clover 3.0 used nearly four months to develop.

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  • Wings for your Windows Explorer!

    After two months of intense development and testing, Clover 2.0 has finally launched the first beta version v2.0.100. These are new features of this version:

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  • Thanks to everyone!

    Clover 1.0 was released at 6 June, in a month, without publicity, without promotion, had already reached 13,000 visits.

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  • Origin of Clover

    As a grassroots programmer for over 16 years, I've been using Total Commander as the preferred file management tools and gVim, CMD as a few essential tools for development . However, because of my qualifications dull, I'm not been able to use TC's powerful, at most, only use its multi-tab, FTP, fixed folder.

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